// How Small Budgets Can Make Great Companies

There’s much that has been written on the benefits of small business that can lead to huge advantages over your competitors — not least Eric Reis’ ‘*The Lean Startup*’. And the benefits are numerous.

But I want to focus one effect that’s not quite so talked about: how small budgets can make great teams. As a startup and entrepreneur, it can be easy to focus on the frustration of not having the money or the budget to achieve what you want to achieve. But NOT having the money you want can be a hidden blessing.

The reason for this is fairly simple: people joining you on your quest to make great change in the world are joining you because they are passionate about what you are passionate about, not because they are receiving a pay packet.

Of course, we are all careful to work with people who share our passion, but what a lack of money does is enforce on you a harsh filtering system that stops any lapses in judgement you might make (conscious or subconscious) in the pursuit of your dream. This filtering system ensures that your team is full of impassioned people that are right for your project and your business — because the wrong person whose real motive is money will not put up with what you are able to provide. Goodbye naysayer!

The people you will be able to bring on board are people that will want to nurture and grow your business and see it thrive — not for money, but for the love of it. This is how you can build a great company, one that is built upon passion, love, and trust. These powerful positive forces are possibly your best allies in your journey changing the world.

So instead of bemoaning your lack of money as a startup, embrace it and realise it’s potentially one of your biggest strengths in building the foundations of something truly great. Lead with heart, and you’ll find your followers.

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