3 proven and tried out tricks to fight off insomnia

…by “proven and tried out”…I mean proven and tried out by me. But I hear they work as a given for everybody. If not, this is medium. The universal receipt for success by each person’s views.

We really need to learn from them how to fall asleep more easily!

This is going to be short one, because it’s really supposed to share what I usually do to have a better sleep. For more profound, or humorous, views on life, any other article I wrote here will do.

Here is the problem:

source: https://onsizzle.com/i/funny-instagram-%F0%9F%91%86%F0%9F%91%8A-crankissues-xx-life-44050

(Note: this are advices for when you are already in bed, and, somehow, managed to turn off phones, laptops, movies, .etc. You are really, really ready to sleep.)

  1. Fix Number 1

Instead of indulging my brain with said decisions, I am keeping it busy with a simple exercise. If it wants to work, I don’t fight it. I’m just making it work in the direction I need. Like so:

I make it repeat after me: “inhale!”. While I “listen” to my brain “saying” inhale, I also deeply inhale. Then, I make it repeat after me: “exhale!”. Again, while I listen to my brain “saying” exhale, I deeply exhale.

Repeat process several times.

I usually doze off before I reach the 5th repeat and don’t even realize it.

Key is to keep the (really difficult to turn off) busy brain with something other than my stupid decisions. Or bad stuff happened over day. Trick it to be busy with something that allows my body to cool down.

If brain resists and by second repeat takes you to something other that making it saying “inhale!”, “exhale!”, start the process over.

2. Fix number 2

If brain still resist the simple, yet very efficient technique presented at #1, I apply the second trick.

I make it suffer from a little bit of cold. I wide open the window, and, depending on the season outside, get out of the bed cover completely.

Mind you, it doesn’t have to get to the point of shivering. I just need to get to the point of being a little uncomfortably cold.

Afterwards, I close up the window, and cover myself so that the warmth gets fluffy, cozy and sleepy.

I’m not sure, but I think oxygenating the room also helps.

3. Fix number 3

I’m not sure if this one works for most people. I’m pretty sure the first 2 are pretty generally applicable.

This one, works for me, but it might have the opposite effect on other people. I’m listing it here, to be tested out, nonetheless.

Still laying on bed, I do some really light leg workout. I just lift for a little bit my legs as to be completely stretched, then, quickly move them up and down from the hip articulations. Like when you’re swimming. Doesn’t matter if I’m faced upside or downside. The movement counts.

It doesn’t have to exhaust me, or be very draining on the upper leg muscles. It just have to be a very light form of activity.

Article Finale

Sometimes I combine 1 or more of these tricks for better results. I’m sure there are other methods that might work even better. I only use and apply these one.

I wrote this list as a result of hearing a lot of people around me, lately, complaining that they have a hard time getting to sleep and/or fight insomnia. I really hope they help.

If not, and, this also happens to me, I wake up completely and finish some work that I know it’s really, really difficult. If you reach the same point, find some comfort in the thought that you might not be alone, wide awake in the night. Others are suffering with you.

Happy sleeping!

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