Annoyed by Kaepernick? What Have You Stood (or Sat) For Lately?

My Facebook timeline has been filled lately with anti-Colin Kaepernick memes and posts. Here’s just a sampling of what I’ve seen come across my screen in the past day or two…

Some are tongue-in-cheek.

Most aren’t.

Some are ill-advised and downright nasty.

Most miss the point.

I’ve found though that many posting these come from “Facebook Warriors”. You know these people…you have at least a few on your Facebook account.

They’re the ones that don’t actually do anything but they think that by bitching and pissing and moaning and demanding that people like Kaepernick “leave the country” that they have somehow matched Kaepernick’s impact on a certain issue.

They haven’t.

You see, as an activist, I’ve learned a thing or two the last year or so. In order to change the conversation about something or bring attention to the conversation you have to go against the grain but you have to actually step away from your social media accounts and go do something.

You have to be willing to be the bad guy, the instigator but you have to do it where more than just your small collection of friends will see it. You have to be brave and you have to be willing to take a stand for something.

Funny how the Facebook Warriors that I know are always in a hurry to proudly boast about all the things they “stand up for” or that they “speak out for” but yet, I never see them ACTUALLY take a stand the way that San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick did but yet are criticizing him because they don’t like HOW he did it.

You have to be kidding me. What he did actually took balls. It took courage. It took a commitment to something that required more than hitting “Post” on Facebook.

Sure, every great once in a while a great topic of debate comes up whether it’s on guns, abortion or some other litmus test item (that will probably never, ever get settled) and the Facebook Warriors run to their laptops to post some rant about why they’re either for or against something.

But that’s about it. They never ACTUALLY do anything about it. They take the safe way out. Unlike Kaepernick.

Whether you like the method that “Kap” chose to address his concerns for the overwhelming disproportionate amount of unfair treatment by police and law enforcement officials against African Americans in this country, you simply cannot call Kap un-American or a coward for doing what he did.

Even as a well-known professional athlete and the face of many major brands, who will probably never actually have to work another day in his life no matter what happens to his football career, Kap took a stand by sitting.

He didn’t boast or brag about it ahead of time. He didn’t rush to sideline reporters after doing it. Hell, had a fan not taken a photo of him doing it or he wasn’t asked about it in the locker room afterwards you might not have even heard about it.

Regardless, he did it and now, the spotlight is shining bright on a few major issues including relations between law enforcement and the African American community as well as our Constitutional rights as Americans to protest against things that don’t sit well with us.

We as a country are better off because these conversations are going on on a national level. Now I have to ask again, what have all of Kap’s critics done lately to shed a light on anything?

Don’t tell me Kap hasn’t achieved something by doing what he did. He’s done more by sitting than most of his critics have done from the comfort of their Facebook accounts.

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