ACTION ALERT: SF2224 (change lanes to pass) up for Iowa Senate debate on Wednesday.

SF2224, the “Change Lanes to Pass Bicycles” bill. The law would require motor vehicles to use the opposite side of the road or an adjacent travel lane to pass people on bicycles.

POSSIBLE AMENDMENT: S-5014 was filed and may be up for debate. It would require a rear light and strike the option of a red reflector in lieu of a rear light. If you get a ticket, you have 72 hours to repair or replace the light otherwise you must pay a fine.

EMAIL REQUEST: Email Your Senator. Pick the senator — we aren’t ready for the Iowa House, yet. Ask them to vote for SF2224.

MESSAGE: Please write in your own words why changing lanes to pass is a good law.Let them know you are from their district. A few points:

  • Easy to teach, enforce, and follow.
  • Consistent with law for passing motor vehicles.
  • Already in the DOT driver’s manual.
  • 50% of fatal bicycle crashes in the past 10 years are overtaking crashes.

ASK: Please pass SF2224