The World We Live In: Counterintuitive

Would you believe me if I told you that the answers to all the worlds mysteries lie right in front of us? Studying the biological makeup of living species parallels every aspect of society today. A well-functioning complex organism creates, utilizes, and disposes of material constantly. The human body is the road to success. For success is defined as persisting through trials and errors until reaching a valid soluton. But as intelligent as cells are, sometimes they encode, receive, and create incorrectly. For example, cancer. Switching to quantum mechanics, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle completely defies a logical prediction of shrinking a lasers window of opportunity.

Application of Knowledge — crazy. Be crazy, many successful people are counterintuitive.

I supressed my goals, dreams and aspirations.

I fell in love, I went with the intuitive societal norms to settle down and achieve the American Dream. Let’s talk about distractions! I accomplished what any typical parent wished for their children: stay in school, get good grades, don’t get pregnant in high school, get accepted to college. I also worked throughout high school. Great, now I’m here “accomplised” yet there’s that empty feeling inside. Why am I here? (The question everyone asks) But more specifically, Why am I here attending UCI? Why does higher education aid/inhibit growth of society? Well, I analyzed those questions in great detail; though my answers will remain in my private journals. But I will say,

when you truly discover who you are, what you’re worth, and you accept your inner spirituality, happiness becomes unmeasurable.

With this balance, the ability to achieve intangible concepts becomes clear and concrete. It’s perfectly okay to be in college — though my brother and I differ greatly — but truly fathom the purpose behind your time invested there.

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