Good Mentors are blessing

“If you light up a lamp for someone it will also brighten you’re your own path”.

— Gautama

There are a lot of definition of mentors so it’s totally depends on us how we define mentor to get benefit from it. So according to me Mentor ship means learning from others. Mentors are generally people who are in a position to the one that you want. A mentor can be of any age. There is no hard and fast rule for choosing the mentor by their age. Mentor can be older or younger than you but the best and the important thing is that he/she must have experience about something either practically or experimentally. Having big network might help us in picking the right decision. You do don’t need to limit yourself for the specific mentors. It’s better to take advice or suggestion from any everyone but member make your own decisions. Having mentor is blessing. And everyone wants to be a bless person. How we can chose the mentor is the most important question. So take out your notes because I am going to help you in finding mentor. First remember two things in your mind. First is what you want from mentor and second thing is what’s your need. When you will find the answer of these questions then you will become clear about mentor ship and you can easily pick the person according to your desire. Make your network bigger and more professional so you can take suggestions as much as possible. One you will find out the mentor then nurture your relation with your mentor. How you can nurture, for this I will give a suggestion like offer appreciation to your mentor. For example send a thank you card or some precious or positive words to your mentor. In Pakistan for some people it’s very difficult thing to pick person as your mentor especially when you are studying in the two years program. It takes time to find mentor from family environment. Firstly your parents or your siblings can your mentor because they know you and knows the situation of your very well. Don’t immediately come on point of your problem with your mentor. Show some gratitude first and then ask for help because we know that everyone is busy in his life so show some humility. And figure out wants and needs and then look within and outside it. Then build a positive relation your mentor and after that make a continue contact with your mentor. It should not be like that you just ask for help in one year and forget that person and after two years you stuck in some problem and go again to the person. It seems award and please don’t do that. Make a continuous relation or contact. In mentor ship, humility and courage both plays an important role. Humility is: believes that every single person is your equal. In short humility is equal to equality. Why humility is important in the mentor ship. So the answer is it gives you courage to ask for help. And it’s remove your fear. It leads you to come out from your comfort zone. And it nourish you for the success.

So now I am going to give you an example of my mentor ship. At the start of my early age it looked very difficult for me to ask for help from other because I afraid of people so I choose my sister as my mentor because there is nothing hidden from my sister. She knows everything about me. So she helped me in every single step of my life most important part is that she taught me how you utilize yourself best for other. And she taught me how you become able to learn on your own. She gave me very good, sincere suggestion in my life. Whenever I stuck in some situation she leads me to come out from that situation. She helped in my growth as professionally or personally. When I was in matriculation so it was difficult for me to choose field for inter so she suggest me to do pre-engineering because she was doing pre-medical and she know that I am not interested in medical field so she helped me in choosing field. In the meanwhile when I done my then she helped me in figuring out what the best college for me for study B.Sc. I am always thankful to my sister for every single word and effort that she putted in my life. After and I was just fed-up with myself she encourage me and helped me in controlling the situation because there was a time come when I took everything in a negative side a she knows the situation so she helped me in overcoming the situation. Recently when I have to participate in my society for the directorship she told me please do apply because you are the most eligible person of that field and you will learn a lot from it. So before taking suggestion to be honest I was confused about myself and after applying I am selected for the post of director in the society it is because of my mentor who encourages me to believe in you. So there are a lot of things that I can’t put here because work is too much and words are not enough as they should be.