Magic of Happiness: A tree of positive thinking

“It is not how much we have,but how much we enjoy,that’s makes happiness”

Charles Spurgeon

Positive thinking leads us toward success and happiness. And happiness can come from anywhere. While getting happiness positive think is very important. And it is very important in our daily life. With the positive thinking you can change the world. Happiness is the plant of positive thinking if you care your positive thoughts then it will grow and with constant care it will give fruits. And that will be the reward of positive care.

Today I explored the new concept. And the thing that I learned is how we happiness comes from growth mindset and sadness comes from fixed mind set. The people will growth mindset enjoy the everyday life and they learn from every experience. If they fail they try to solve the problem and get result from constant struggle. That’s makes them happy. But on the other hand people with fixed mindset limit themselves to few things. If they fail they never try and with this they eventually become sad. So happiness comes from positivity.

I want to share some important tips that I learned from the psychologist Shawn Anchor. He said that happiness comes from three things.

  1. Social connections
  2. Optimism
  3. How we perceive stress

I totally agree with shawn, the psychologist. Because positive thinking is the positive attitude, optimism, positivity and growth mindset. Positive thinking is not only applicable to fixed things but it is a very vast field of mind. And it is also applicable to our job as well.
 In our job most of time think that we are not responsible to the extra task or new things and this is very wrong perception. Fixed mindset people perceive this situation very shockingly. They just want to get rid of the situation as soon as possible. And they perceive stress just as stress. But positive thinking people take stress as an opportunity and at the end they get happiness from work.

Our thinking is the main key in our success. Positive thinking leads us toward success. When we talk about perceptions, then it is also applicable to the way of thinking. I give you a very good example.
 There are always flowers for those who want to see them. Happiness, positive thinking, perception and optimism help us in getting our job done.
 Sometimes we stuck into the situation of negative thoughts but how we can get rid from negativity and how we conclude better result from positivity is our perception and our job.
 I am going to tell you about myself when I stuck into the negative thoughts, and how I transform the negativity into happiness.
 Last year I applied for the M.Phil admission. I cleared the test and passed the interview but I didn’t select for the admission. At that time I completely fed up from myself and I started blaming myself for every failure. That time was the most difficult time for me. I took everything negatively. In fact I took the positivity into negativity. Every night there was a new reason of failure. My mind converted into fixed mindset. With the passage of time there was the cluster of negative thoughts in my mind. My experience of life became wired and unhappy to me at that time. But when my mother and family came to know about my negative thoughts they all gave me courage and gave me positive reasons. They tried to convert my mind from negativity. After failure I decided that I will never apply again for the M.phil but with the courage and continues positive support I again applied for the admission. Then I got admission. And when I got admission, my mind stopped thinking about negative thoughts. With the passage of time I became able to extract positive things from failure. Every day I got new things and reasons. Sometimes my mind thinks about negative thoughts but now I prepared my mind to think positively and to learn new things from failure.

The purpose of telling this story is to show how people affect our life. As Shawn Anchor said that happiness also come from social connections too. Be grateful to the mind. Like try to think differently and try to exclude positive results from every day.
 Above I mentioned that happiness comes from positive thoughts and from gratitude. Now I want to clear this term of happiness as general.
 Happiness comes from internally and it doesn’t depend upon the external factors. We can make people happy with just little act of kindness or by greeting someone. From happiness we can enjoy our life and become successful. There is a lot of reason to be happy. And emotions are contagious because if we are happy then we can make others happy too. And if we are sad then we can make other people sad too.
 Great fullness is really a good thing. So be great full to all those things that you have and think positively. According to me there is lot of reason of happiness like:

  • A good moment can be the reason of happiness.
  • A nice compliment by someone can be the reason of happiness.
  • A good feedback can also be the reason of happiness.
  • By sharing our things with other can make people happy.
  • Giving smile and seeing smile on others face can be the reason of happiness
  • Positive thinking can surely be the reason of happiness
     Random act of kindness can be the reason of happiness
  • To help others can be the reason of happiness
  • Appreciating other gives happiness too.
  • A small gift can be the reason of happiness
  • Receiving call from old friend can be the reason of happiness

In nutshell happiness depend upon positive thinking, Optimism and how we perceive stress etc. So be thankful to all things that you have no matter how big or small you have. Enjoy every moment of life because happiness boost your success.