Problem Solving: Better way to think creatively

“we cannot solve our problem with the same thinking we used when we created them”

— Albert Einstein

Problem solving is a great tip to think creatively. when the problem come in front of us we start thinking about the solution without understanding the problem. And our main problem is that we don’t own our problem.

“The problem is not the problem.The problem is your attitude about the problem”

— Captain Jack Sparrow

I would like to share the most important tips that we can utilize in solving problem more effectively. And there are six steps in solving the problem

  • Step 1. Own the problem
  • Step 2. Identify and understand the problem
  • Step 3. Brainstorm as many solutions as possible
  • Step 4. Ask for help
  • Step 5. Try the first idea and collect feedback
  • Step 6. Continue repeating step 5 using different ideas

And the last and most important tip is to never give up.Today we are surrounded by many but the thing is how we react to the problem. Either we solve the problem or remain covered the problem. Our creative and critical thinking start when we take the problem and try to solve the problem. As we try different solution our way of thinking become more powerful and we learn new things about every time.Because there is nothing in this world which is impossible for us(human beings).
when to try to find the solution its not necessary that our first plan will work. we can face failure too but the thing is we have to be consistent and we have to develop the habit of learning from failure. As I mentioned above there are six steps in solving the problem effectively firstly we should own our problem. Always be ready to take risks. Always keep positive attitude about the problem. Own the problem means take the responsibility of solving your problems. And take problem as a challenge.because people learn from challenges.

Second step is to Identify and understand the problem. what does it means?Its mean that identify the problem and make the problem more interesting. And understand the reason of problem.

Third step is to brainstorm as many solutions as possible. Greater the solution you have greater will be the chance of solving the problem and result will be better. Make as many plan as possible. When we start brain storming our mind we start thinking creatively. And every possible solution bring us closer to the solution.

Fourth step is ask for help.Why it is so important? The answer is when we start sharing our solution in a group then different ideas generate a level of positivity and that positivity is very necessary in solving problem. Different people give different ideas. And gives us more solution for the problem. That’s why asking for help is the other main step in problem solving.

Fifth step is try the first idea and collect the feedback. This is an other main step in problem solving. Try to implement the first solution of the problem and get feedback. If it not works then go for plan b then c and so on.

Six step is continue repeating step 5 using different ideas. Its means that don’t give up. Keep yourself on track and always keep your self motivated. Just like Thomas Edison.

I would also like to share my story of problem solving. First I own the problem and identify the problem.For this I thought about my surrounding and about the society. The main problem that I identify was the environment issue. People don’t even try keep their surrounding clean. I took the responsibility to solve this issue. Then I started thinking about the solution. I spend a day for thinking of solutions. I would like to share my list of solution that I concluded

  • I can make the society of better people who can take the responsibility for proper check of garbage
  • I should start campaign for cleanliness in my town
  • I should call Lahore Waste Management company
  • I should request the company to visit my town on every weekend
  • etc

Then I asked for help from different people.They gave me these suggestion too.Then I tried to implement the first solution but it was difficult for me to bring the members within short span of time.Then starting campaign also required a lot of time so I decided to call the Lahore Waste Management company.I took the number from internet and called the company. I speak to them politely so that they can understand my problem. They listened to me and said that we will come but after two week. I also understand their problem and now I am really hopeful for their visit.And I hope I will fix this problem as soon as possible.