3D printed lamps Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques

Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques, designers and artists based in Paris, they created wonderful designs 3D printed lamps creating art that will illuminate your room with rich elaborate lace patterns.

The lamps that created this pair of artists have an elegant design but not only the case, right because as soon as the light is switched on, the “protection money” in 3D printed, which plays the part in the end of each model, casts its light over the room.
 Technology used for 3D printing of lamps

The technology used to create these artifacts is laser sintering SLS.

The 3D printer “Sintering SLS” use ultra-precise technology and sintered materials. A laser beam melts with precision and care sintered powders creating prototypes even of large dimensions very resistant to wear and high temperatures suitable for extreme applications such as prototyping of mechanical and thermal parts of the automotive sector.

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