Skateboarding boards, for almost 40 years now, were made of 7 layers of wood pressed together. In this way the strength and flexibility characteristics are ideal, although the appearance and shape are customizable little (and you know what skateboarders generally keep their individuality).

Therefore difficult to improve something that is already perfect but a group of Californian teenagers wanted to try. As a result of a school project made using a 3D printer and in collaboration with the experts of Solid Concepts (those of the 3D printed gun metal), founded Cavity Boards. Their goal is to print skateboard with very specific forms, using, for another, less own material thanks to 3D printing processes. To create their skateboards, through digital manufacturing, they have been able to develop seven different layers, each of which is endowed with particular characteristics of resistance and flexibility, which otherwise may be calculated in an extremely precise manner in the moment in which it is realized the three-dimensional graphical model. The first version was printed in ABS (Plastic Chemical) but the next will be using the new laser sinterable nylon, which offers even more guarantees in terms of flexibility and strength. The 3D printed skateboard will prove really higher than traditional? Just have to wait for the arrival of the first models to find out. Certainly from an aesthetic point of view the result is as less interesting.