Automotive and 3D printing, miliardarioIl world market market of 3D printing for the automotive sector should collect $ 2.4 billion by 2022.

Emerges from a new report released by Allied Market Research (World 3D Printing Market Automotive) where it is expected that the global market for 3D printing for the automotive industry to grow in the period 2016–2022 with a CAGR of 21.8%.

Europe appears to be the area the market leader in the forecast period, followed by Asia-Pacific and North America.

According to the report the auto companies from around the world will adopt the 3D printing technology, principalmene for prototyping and tooling applications.

The players in the automotive sector, in fact, are consolidating their efforts in minimizing the use of materials and reducing production and delivery times associated costs.

The 3D printing technology spreads in the industry for prototyping and for the production of tools, in research and development, and overall product innovation.

To curb the spread ultimately it is the lack of skilled labor and even the high cost of technology.

The most used technologies are stereolithography, fused deposition modeling, selective laser sintering, the production of rolling mills and the fusion of electron beam objects.

In addition to prototypes and molds 3D printing is also important application in the production of complex parts, helping to reduce the production time and waste of material for the manufacture of parts with minimal defects.

The polymers are the most commonly used materials for the manufacture of components for the automotive, followed by metals.

North America currently has the largest market share, but is growing automotive production in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

For the analyst, the falling prices of technology would facilitate the market growth in the main countries of automobile production such as China, Japan and Brazil

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