cute 3D knitted flats are made from recycled water bottles

Using plastic waste in the oceans in an optical recycling and environmental sustainability, and after a little more ‘than a month that’s another beautiful reality appears on the horizon

Rothy, a ‘company of San Francisco shoes has in fact just launched a new manufacturing process that turnsPET plastic bottles into plastic yarn that can then be knitted in 3D to give form to his calzature.Il process is to remove caps and labels of the bottles, hot wash, cut into flakes and then melt all in a new strand combined with a wicking agent capable of maintaining the most ‘free material as possible from moisture.

The spun yarn is then knitted on uppers with a 3D printer, the process takes only six minutes and uses about three recycled plastic bottles for each pair of shoes produced. The Rothy researchers working three years to develop a fully recycled and recyclable shoe and over the top of the shoe, rubber soles have developed carbon-free and recyclable foam insoles, and the great thing of their process is that it allows 3d print in the necessary parts using only the necessary material.


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