A well-known Italian manufacturer has just announced the release of its new polypropylene filament, created to address the question of the functionality of the material in 3D printing right next door that has a resistance to the injection molded parts

The Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer which is widely used for its high strength and stiffness, superior mechanical properties have been reformulated in accordance with the use of 3D printing technology. Provides 95% of the characteristics of the material of a printed object injection, including high mechanical strength, toughness, wear and chemical resistance and has been specifically formulated to I
The polypropylene filament is mechanically superior to many other standard materials, the print settings are quite normal. It is recommended that a plate temperature of about 100 ° C, a nozzle temperature of 245 ° C and a 60–70 mm / s printing speed.

Polypropylene does not offer a very high chemical resistance, it prevents the absorption of water and does not break under stress, is recyclable, and can come into contact with food, skin and pharmaceuticals.
Reformatting the polypropylene polymer widely used for 3D printing, you are pushing the 3D printing technology to the most ‘highest peaks. With the offer of a filament that provides almost the same strength, injection molding, most designers and manufacturers will be able to use the 3D printing technology to design functional parts

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