In the tide of 3d printer manufacturers in the stands of the innovation and the innovation fair Maker Faire in Rome, it is the evolution of 3D printing as a fast and personalized system for developing prototypes of each sector. The idea of ​​the creative for the assembled quickly.
Everything that is design can be realized through the stereolithography technologies of these printers minimal in design and user-friendly: from jewels, the dental prosthesis up to any kind of thing, even in very small scale dimensions.
A particular embodiment given with 3d printers, exposed to the Maker Faire Rome is definitely three-dimensional reconstruction of the amateur. The center, hit by the earthquake on August 24, relives through 3D printing. The reproduction of the places as they were before the earthquake, has been realized in collaboration with the Lazio Region, and is an entirely new “instant fabrication” made through the combination of 3d printing, digital manufacturing and digital maps. Along the major roads of the country were also reproduced doors, windows, balconies and cornices, all at a scale of 1 to 500. Relive so, in detail, the symbols of Amatrice, like the Church of St. Augustine, the complex of the Holy Cross, the Church of St. Francis and St. Mary of Port, square Hunters of the Tiber. Says Maurizio Costabeber: “Our hope is to review amateur rebuilt soon. We did it in a week with 3d printers, is a symbolic action that serves to remind a bit ‘to everyone that this reconstruction is to be completed in a short time. “
Our Infinity printers Ira3D Poetry are working for greater accuracy in all kinds of prototypes
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