Hunger Strike demands #ProtectSyrianRefugees -#Saidnay_Lebanon

Hunger Strike for Protection of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

A group of activists decided to go on Hunger Strike to shed light on the situation of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Their demands include a thorough and non-biased investigation of the Syrian refugees who were killed under torture in Lebanon, holding responsible all those behind these crimes against humanity and protecting the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and other countries.

The Hunger Strike was Organized by Ms. Azza Mortahda in The Netherlands and Ms. Rana Jundi in France and many have joined them since then.

Day 9 of Hunger Strike in Amsterdam

The army set many tents on fire, beat the Syrian refugees and immediately killed 19, including a child and a man with amputated legs. The Lebanese soldiers then detained 400 Syrian refugees.

One day later, news circulated that 10 detained Syrian refugees were tortured to death inside the Lebanese cells.

The protesters are launching a hashtag #Saidnaya_Lebanon #صيدنايا_لبنا to highlight the crimes that are happening inside Lebanon’s prisons.

Comparing the situation, the Syrian Refugees are living in the refugee camps in Lebanon and Arsal Camp specifically with the notorious prison ran by Assad called Saidnaya prison.

And also the Hashtag



Quick sketch. Young heroes on the 9th day of their #hunger #strike to protest the torture of #Syrian #refugees in #Lebanon

To show solitary and demanding support on Twitter and Facebook

Later on the army announced that 10 of them were dead and asked their families to bury their bodies quickly. The Lebanese Army also claimed that 4 of the Syrian Refugees dead under custody died due to previous diseases

A Lebanese lawyer Diala Daezli Chehade who was responsible for the investigation on behalf of the refugee families went to take some samples from the hospital but she was stopped by the Army Intelligence Services, she very bravely documented her conversation with the guards and posted it online while she still was in hospital as soon as the soldiers went away,

She later had an interview with Orient News emphasizing that she will continue following this case as per Lebanese regulation.

Many have been criticizing Hezbollah for being behind the arrests and to put pressure on the Syrian Refugees as they are all against the Syrian regime the ally that Hezbollah is fighting for, this also means that these refugees who fled their home because of the oppression by Assad, Iran’s IRGC and Hezbollah have to face the same sort of pressure now in Lebanon as Hezbollah is trying to have them sent back home.

On July 9th a Lebanese writer Fidaa Itani wrote an article questioning the arrests and killings in Arsal Camp in Lebanon, he was arrested and asked to take down the article,

He of course refused and he was released one day after but just the idea that someone would be arrested for writing an article questioning such a big crime taking place could be considerable for a country like Lebanon where people should be enjoying freedom of speech. He also thanked everyone who showed solidarity with him during the days he was arrested.

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