Join us SUNDAY to raise our voices for the people of Syria to #FreeSyria from this madness.

Idlib has been hit by over 500 airstrikes this week.
They’ve hit schools and hospitals and White Helmet facilities.
They hit a vegetable market in IDLIB when it was supposed to be in a de-escalation area. 
It is time for us to act again to bring this to the attention of the world!

Join us for a Twitter Storm. Oct 1, 2017, to tell the world we’ve had enough! It’s time to #FreeSyria from this onslaught.

Stay tuned for links you can share and images.


Take a photo of your self, your family, your children, holding a sign that says #FreeSyria! and share it with your networks. Ask them to join us on Sunday!

Share the #FreeSyria Facebook event and join the discussion:🔽🔽

On Twitter: #FreeSyria

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