Underground Intro

The Underground entrance is hidden from view making it feel like a private place only certain people are privy too. As the name suggests, the Underground is set below the VU and is out of the main traffic flow.

The way to the Underground Coffeehouse is hidden, only marked by yellow signs found close to the Viking Union building. This is probably the reason why there are so many Western students who have never even been there. If one locates the sees and is able to locate the stairs that go all the way down to high street blow, it can be hard to find the right turn off to the actual Cafe entrance. Once there, it becomes quite the ordeal to get back to even ground as it is a long way back up the stairs. But this unconventional setting makes the Coffeehouse different, a destination with intent. Unlike other coffee places which are built upon convenience, the Underground plays on its secretive quality. I always think of a Vampire crypt when I hear the name the Underground. Indeed it is dark enough there when the sun isn't shining and the couches and tables seem shabby enough to support that theory. But when the sun does shine the light is bright and sparkling (not in a cheap Stephanie Meyer way though). The Underground’s aroma is a far cry from a cave though. The coffee alone makes the cafe smell delicious. Add the yummy sandwiches and you've got a comfortable secret place at your disposal.

The Underground is a studying space, a relaxing place, a place to unwind, to hide, to feel quiet where the sun doth shine and the birds are not heard