A Different Gratitude Journal

I have been practicing the Law of Attraction for years. It has been so effective in my career life. My wishes for considerate supervisors, rewarding experiences, adventurous projects and unattainable clients have been granted. I could take a super relaxing vacation without worrying that my clients may be poached. I have been blessed, in workplace.

Not so much luck in relationships. Perhaps you cannot ask for everything, I told myself. But the Law of Attraction says the opposite. “You can have it all, actually (as long as you are grateful and positive and are serious with your wishes).”

My friends concluded that I haven’t had an enjoyable relationship because I don’t have a clear goal. When it comes to work, I can articulate what I want and visualize that, and see my dreams come to reality, but when it comes to relationships… I just want to be loved. I don’t have a type. I can’t even visualize myself walking hand in hand with someone else because I don’t know how to portray his looks. I just want to walk side by side with a man that understands me, appreciates me and cares about me.

How do you visualize that?

Anyway, I decide to write down my experiments with the Law of Attraction. I’ll start with a journal of everything I am grateful to, and see how the Universe brings the man for me to me.