When I was in Guadalajara, Mexico, I held a ticket for a trip that turned out to be colorful. I did not think that this one day trip would be an unforgettable memory. That morning a taxi dropped me from the hotel to the train station to begin my journey. I was expecting to ride the train operated by Ferromex, and they named it the Tequila Express.

Travel by train from Guadalajara to the final destination in a small town that is also called by the name of a drink, Tequila, takes approximately 160 minutes.
Travelling with The Tequila Express was a trip filled with live music by Mariachi groups, performances from local artists, touring around the hacienda and tequila distillery and drink as much tequila.

Enjoy the photos below and I recommend you to play the song from Lila Downs, “Paloma Negra”. It will bring you to a world full of color.

“Paloma negra, paloma negra ¿dónde, dónde andarás?
Ya no jueges con mi honra parrandera…”

The Tequila Express : Cámara de Comercio de Guadalajara.
Av. Vallarta 4095 esquina Niño Obrero. Zapopan, Jalisco.

Expect to pay MXN 1,370 or USD 90 for one whole day experience and all you can drink Tequila.

Only available on Saturday and Sunday.