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An actual photo of Vanderbilt University launching me into the real world.

As I approach Commencement — the highly awaited day on which Vanderbilt University will confer to me a piece of paper testifying that goofing around isn’t the only thing I’ve done for the last four years — I find myself experiencing a fickle flurry of emotions day in and day out. I’m plagued by questions surrounding my purpose, apprehensions about the future, and reflections on the past. I’m not confident that any of these will disappear before May 10, 2019.

During my four years at Vanderbilt, I’ve enjoyed opportunities I could never have imagined having and accomplished more than I ever thought I’d be capable of doing. I served as the President of VandyHacks, an organization I do and always will consider my baby; I studied abroad in the amazing city-state of Hong Kong; and, last November, I signed a job offer to join Amazon as a software development engineer in Manhattan when I graduate. …


Irfaan Khalid

Software Engineer | Public Speaker | Writer | Photographer

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