NA LCS Week 2 Power Rankings

1. Team SoloMid (1–1) change: 0

TSM got their summer campaign off to a strong start with a 2–0 win over Cloud 9, but faltered on Sunday against the new look Immortals. With TSM starting 1–1 and Cloud 9 dropping both of their first two matches I was tempted to put CLG at the number one spot; however, TSM and CLG will face off this Sunday — assuming they win their other game this weekend, the winner of that match will almost certainly have the number one spot in next week’s rankings.

2. Counter Logic Gaming (2–0) change: +1

Much was said about the benefit of adding Dardoch to CLG, but it was the team’s legacy players that stepped up and led them to victory. Huhi looked good on his pocket-pick Aurelion Sol and aphromoo seems back in form with the meta being more permissive of play-making supports. In a week where many supports tried out the new pick Rakan, aphromoo seems to have cemented himself as the best pilot for the champion, displaying a mastery of his combos and game-changing engage potential. Starting off the split with two wins despite Dardoch not having a particularly spectacular performance says that the only where to go from here is up.

3. Cloud 9 (0–2) change: -1

Stop. Take a deep breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Are we calmed down? Cloud 9 is going to be fine and still has one of the best shots at qualifying for worlds despite opening up the split 0–2. Starting off against the two other best teams in the league is tough, and it’s also important to keep in mind that they were without the talents of their other top laner Impact. Cloud 9 should easily beat up on the bottom of the table, and it seems that the worst case scenario is that they enter playoffs in third place close behind TSM and CLG.

4. Dignitas (2–0) change: +3

Dignitas is off to a strong start mostly due to the efforts of top laner Ssumday. In their series against FlyQuest Ssumday was able to hard carry in back-to-back games on Lucian and Fiora respectively. While I raised some concern over their communication ability with a mixed language roster, the bits I was able to hear in highlights seemed relatively clear and productive. If Ssumday can keep up the pressure on carry champions, Dignitas may have a chance at challenging the top tier teams.

5. Immortals (2–0) change: +3

People expected CLG to be the winner of the Dardoch-Xmithie trade; however, after a week of play it seems more like a win-win. While Dardoch took a backseat to his team’s carries in Week 1, Xmithie looked as good as he’s even been (outside of maybe last year’s MSI on Kindred). In addition, Pobelter has stepped up and played extremely well on champions like Ahri, blowing up backliners by surprise in multiple key teamfights. Last week I pegged this team as one looking towards the future, but they may be primed to make a run for the playoffs.

6. Phoenix 1 (0–2) change: -2

Similar to Cloud 9, Phoenix 1 had a rough week but shouldn’t have trouble stabilizing. Had Immortals and Dignitas not looked so impressive, they would have probably retained their position. They dropped a series to EnVy, which seems bad, but I think some of this was due to their drafts. Phoenix 1 let Zac through the ban phase, and Inori played champions like Ivern and Nunu. While there is nothing wrong with those picks, I would personally rather see him on a more aggressive early game pick like Elise in order to get Ryu and Arrow going.

7. Echo Fox (2–0) change: +3

Echo Fox started their season with a surprising two victories despite the new being dominated by the announcement of the Meme Stream Dream Team ™. While I am still skeptical of the decision to only scrim their in house teams, we can’t forget this is a team with Anivia Froggen. The legendary mid laner had an astounding 43.2% of his team’s damage output across both games and led the league in gold difference at 10 and damage per minute. Also, now that Goldenglue has disappointed me, I can jump back on the bandwagon of another often-flamed player: Keith. I like Keith. I believe in Keith.

8. FlyQuest (0–2) change: -2

I was skeptical of FlyQuest and I am even more so now. I think the rest of the league is starting to figure out their tricks. They will always be competitive due to Hai’s stellar shotcalling and their years of experience together dating back to the early C9 days, but it’s hard to see what they have besides this to separate themselves from the rest of the league.

9. Team EnVyUs (1–1) change: 0

I had EnVy in last place and my first rankings and they were able to jump up a spot by taking a series off of Phoenix 1. Not only that, they took Game 3 of that series running a very difficult to execute composition with a split pushing Jayce and no tanks into Juggermaw with Lulu, Nunu and Galio. Only time will tell if they can keep up that level of play, but it’s entirely possible that they continue to improve throughout this split and prove me wrong. Speaking of being proven wrong…

10. Team Liquid (0–2) change: -5

I was wrong. So wrong. Deep down in my soul I wanted to believe that Reignover would return to his old self. I had hope that Goldenglue would improve — not only does this seem to not be the case (at least not significantly) but he has been benched after only one week. To be fair are only two games in, but things aren’t looking good.