It’s time to forgo my maker’s ego and focus on what’s important for the business.

I am a maker.

I enjoy making things. I enjoy the process of taking an idea and turning it into something tangible. The process of creation is one of exploration, mastery and ultimately, it lets me claim the credit of my products.

This path of self-rewarding feedback loop makes the process of creation addictive.

Think, make, take credit.

It’s a maker’s nirvana. Except it can be remarkably counter-productive.

For example, our company’s public-facing website is currently hosted on Joomla and serves no functional purpose apart from letting the public have a go-to url when trying to understand our business (or for the LinkedIn stalkers to assess whether I’ve moved up or down the corporate food chain.) Therefore, being a B2B business, the public facing website really doesn’t serve any revenue generating function.

So why do I have the innate desire to code the public website from the ground up?

I can only attribute it to my maker’s ego, and it’s time to let it go. Now.

Head of Operations at Guidepost, an @endeavor_global company.

Head of Operations at Guidepost, an @endeavor_global company.