The cool communication stuff

Communication is the key to many successful alliances in life, during your career and studies.

I am a student. Well at least for another year. And I also work in a very cool industry for a very vibrant enterprise. We are young and we make mistakes. We learn and gain experience.

But the only thing that we have definitely learned is that communication is just as important as any other skill.

We are students, our lives are online (as computing students, our lives are playing video games or being in the zone creating awesomeness), we can talk. And shout and scream. But our communication fails. Not always and not always because of us.

The tools to help? Or make it worse?

Our organisation has only been running a year (and a half). Students running loose with projects, shifts in management. We have so many tools to… track projects, track communication with clients, track content and track more projects. Emailing and phoning and using Skype or webex also options that we can consider when talking.

But no, it’s only making our communications more complicated that they should not be. Clients get confused, teams do not see each other’s messages…

So my team sticks to two. One for the client, one for us. Yeah, we have each other’s phone numbers. We can get hold of each other if needed in the real world.

Talk short to the point, frequently and politely.

Two tools is still a lot. And not everyone wants to be using them all the time (me time and work are just as important).

We schedule meetings, and we update each other on our progress. We keep our clients updated every time something gets done, using the other tool.

Everything else, we don’t really use. We track our times, create to dos and we are being flexible. And if we carry on doing them, we will be awesome.

We are still young, inexperienced but willing to learn. I think we will learn and succeed :)