Travel can be a harrowing experience, even at the best of times. During a pandemic, travel has the added difficulty of navigating your personal health and the protection of those around you. Longer wait times, increased safety precautions, and new rules and regulations can make traveling a less than pleasant experience. Luckily, Irina Ball Miami businesswoman and international business financial consultant has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve to help keep you comfortable and well prepared during your next journey.

Bring Your Own Food Says Irina Ball Miami Financial Consultant

“Times are so different,” says Irina Ball Miami businesswoman. “We have to be really careful about our personal health and safety. But while we focus on those precautions, it’s really easy to overlook the changes to the everyday conveniences we’ve come to take for granted.” …


Irina Ball miami

Irina Ball from Miami, is an International Business Financial Consultant and has a Bachelor in Business.

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