My Best Day Yet

By Iris L. Kitching

One of my favorite characters is the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. I really have a good laugh every time I see him. It may seem odd to you that I would consider him a favorite of mine. I do though, because he reminds me of myself –scared, timid, or fearful about most things. Funny, yet not so funny, especially for a woman who has lived six plus decades and finds it difficult to just be out there! Jack Canfield has a great quote that has given me a dose of reality: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Hmmmm… I need to embrace that thought wholeheartedly in my quest to be free to explore life. Everything I want is on the other side of fear.

I have been a creative person most of my life. My growing up years were devoid of any creativity so I can only surmise that my creativity was an innate quality I was gifted with, and I love it. It drives me to produce. My brain is in overdrive at some point of any day — poetry, creative writing, adding something beauty to my space at work or at home. Creativity saved me when life was often a downer. It enabled me to share my emotions and thoughts through writing or to envision what I dreamed of. Unfortunately much of what I wrote was filed away, thought about occasionally, and died a slow painful death. Why? Fear. Timidity. Lack of money. Inability to interact with others. All these things aside, what would I do to fulfill my dreams? I suppose I should pinpoint only one thing, but I can’t! But I can tell you that it would involve writing. So today, no holds barred, what would my ideal day look like?

I would awake early, or stay up half the night, developing children’s books. I’ve had a yearning to create books for children that were fun, informative but had a positive life lesson. To me, much of what I see for kids is silly or fun, but without something educational or inspirational for the child to take away from the reading. Since I believe everything we encounter affects us, it’s important for children to realize that anything that happens can be a life lesson for them, if they let it be. So, I’d create story lines that depicted life as it really is but leave any number of thoughts for reflection.

If my spirit and soul was ready to share what my heart was telling me, I’d write a poem or two. Maybe three. Poetry has given me a freedom to be Me, the one no one else sees very often, but hey — whatever works. It keeps me sane or makes me more sane than I would be otherwise. I enjoy creating the written word that captures where I am deep within.

Performance arts have intrigued me for years and I’ve even dabbled in it some. Being an introvert always sends me running the other way — to the comfort of home — after a while and plans are dashed. But, I would spend time developing a play or program for kids with interesting story lines. An acting/singing/dancing troupe of regular characters but with a casting call for local talent in specific areas would be organized. In this way, children with a desire to perform in their communities could also have a part in the production. Topics such as health, bullying, drug abuse, abuse, and relevant topics could be integrated into themes — all of course with interesting information and age appropriate material to give valuable lessons needed. To go nationwide with this would be the ultimate!

I’m sure there would be many other projects that would come to mind if all I needed to do was write — no concern for cost or time, and no fear of the unknown. Of course, I’d set aside time to read as well. What a wonderful day it would be!

An anonymous writer has said “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” So sad that the person is anonymous. I’d want to say thanks for this challenge, one that I have printed in my cubicle at work as a reminder to myself to kiss fear goodbye. Then, like the cowardly lion, I’d be singing and dancing to whatever tune was playing in my head by the end of my ideal day. Your guess is as good as mine what that song would be, but be assured, it would be a song filled with happiness, freedom, and success.

This post is in reply to Day 3 of the Get It Write 14 Day Blogging Challenge

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