Mobile Growth Summit 2017 — Key Takeaways

Earlier this week, the Iris Platform team were fortunate enough to be in attendance at one of this year’s ‘must see’ tech events — Mobile Growth Summit 2017, held in San Francisco, California.

Day one of MGS17 opened with Google’s discussion on “Play Into The Future”. This primarily focused on engagement and how to drive repeat usage of applications. They concluded that “events drive engagement” — This is a sentiment which is close to the heart for all of us at the Iris Platform, as we can see first hand how live streamed events are the most sought after content being generated at the moment.

Another part of the discussion we found interesting was the topic of app notifications, endorsing the idea that good notifications are ‘relevant’, ‘personalized’, ‘actionable’ and ‘timely’ and bad notifications are anything that goes against this rule. The Real Estate application, Trulia use highly targeted notifications to engage their users. Knowing that people are more likely to attend real estate open houses when the weather is nice outside, they push their notifications based on the weather conditions in the user’s current location. Genius!

During the fireside chat with Sam Levy, the VP of Growth for the dating app Hinge, the topic in question was “Redefining Mobile Relationships to Increase Engagement & Retention”. Like the earlier Google talk, he also spoke about the benefits of personalizing notifications. Sam stated that by personalizing the push notifications sent to users, it increases engagement 3x to 4x versus generic notification tactics.

Myles Kleeger, President & CRO, Appboy gave an insightful presentation on ‘Building A Successful Growth Plan: Best Practices for Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention”. His core sentiment was that successful brands, first and foremost, master the basics. Companies must determine their “growth loop” — find out what is it about their app that keeps consumers coming back, and work from there to build upon that USP. They must also make their native product and marketing experience link together, and both elements need to be right in order to get the users on their side. The on-boarding of new users needs to be treated as a process that goes well beyond the first session, in order to retain users and make them feel valued. His ‘Top Tips’ were that the first 24 hours are crucial in regards to sending the right push notifications to engage users — habits need to be built early, and to also use segmentation whenever possible in order to give context to your campaigns and increase relevance and interest.

Overall, the biggest focus at #MGS17 was on engaging and re-engaging your customers. How to ensure you retain new customers and how to bring dormant users back to life and re-ignite their interest in your platform.

Most speakers talked about “push notifications” and “email marketing” focusing on need for personalization and highly targeted campaigns. These are obviously techniques that have been used for years. Marketing tactics and the overall mobile environment haven’t changed much in the last few years, however the market is more competitive and crowded!

The Iris Platform could be a big game changer for apps in general. Live video content is something that all businesses and organizations should be thinking about, but for some reason they aren’t or simply don’t know how to talk about it.

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