Ultra-Low Latency Essential for Mobile Live Video

After spending over 10 years developing mobile live video platforms and other related technologies, you could say that the Iris Platform team knows a thing or two about creating first-class live video solutions. We pride our products on many factors such as; the ease of use and robustness of our technology, our dynamic broadcasting capabilities, and not forgetting the impressive low latency that our live video solutions achieve.

The requirement for mobile live video services is growing rapidly. This is due to increasing demands within technology and new media industries, and also due to the digitization of other industries outside of the tech world, such as Field Services. Given this exponential growth in the market, it’s vital for solution providers, like us, to ensure that we are developing products and services which meet the needs and demands of our customers. Our customers’ industries are also evolving at a fast pace, which means that their needs are constantly growing. It’s important to take that into account when developing technologies and specific features sets that are destined to be utilized by those very customers.

Despite the increasing demands, the one thing that remains consistent across all sectors is the need for low latency. This is often the most important requirement for many customers.

So what is classed as low latency, and what should you expect from your mobile live video solution?

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