In a world not built for us we must build our own.

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Bubble warp haute couture for “Queers, Coffee, Donuts & Bubbles”

Hi folx,

There is no easy way to say this but Cuties is in trouble. We have a little more time to make this work but unless we reach our Patreon goal, Cuties will close.

Creating Cuties is the most empowering and meaningful experience of my life. It is also the most challenging. This work has connected me deeply to a community I’ve been isolated from for most of my life. It has also given me the opportunity to respond in kind and connect other members of my community to one another. On the hard days (and there are many) the ability to bring the community together is what keeps me going. I love seeing faces light up when people come into the shop for the first time. I adore watching folx connect over coffee. I delight in providing moments of whimsy and softness in a world not built for either.

We have learned many hard lessons. We have celebrated victories. We have made mistakes. We made to 1 year. This miracle is due to the tireless effort put in by me, Virginia, Leslie, our team behind the bar and YOU. You have shown up whether that’s by coming into the shop, dressing up for our themed parties, sharing our newsletter, contributing to our Indiegogo, following us on social media, helping out with our Patreon, and a million other small gestures that add up to Cuties being a reality.

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Photo by Leslie Foster

I am not perfect, nor is Cuties, but I believe in our imperfect impact. Every week I get messages from our queer & trans kin all over the world asking us to open a Cuties in their hometown. There is a great need for more space. LGBTQIA+ folx deserve a safer space that is all ages and open every day of the week. We deserve to make a living wage at a place of work where our orientation, gender and pronouns are respected. There is power in getting people in a room together, together in our common difference to build community. I want that work to continue. For that to happen I need your help.

  • Sign up for our Patreon at a sustainable level. Do you get our newsletter and enjoy all the events we share? If every newsletter subscriber (including you) gave $5/month we’d reach our goal today.
  • Share our Patreon. Share it on all of your social accounts, in your newsletter, on your event pages, send it via text or email to people you know in the community & allies! Call your family members who say they have “nothing against gay people.” Ask them to put their money where their mouth is.
  • Reach out to any press or social media outlets you know and love, especially where you know someone personally. Ask them to write about Cuties and share our Patreon. Tell them what Cuties means to you and what you love about us. Tweet at them, email them, call them up!
  • Write a review for Cuties on yelp and google! Tell the wider world what you like about the shop and what it means to YOU that Cuties exists.
  • Visit the shop! Use our community tab to help pay for your food and drinks if you have a need. Hold meetings in the shop, study groups, first dates, co-work! Bring a friend who has never been to the shop before. We’d love to meet them!
  • Enjoy our events! We’ll be ramping up more events again this fall for one final push. Want to make it to QCD, Friday Flirt or another of our socials? Now is the time. This is your last chance.

I want Cuties to exist. I want this to succeed. I hope you want that, too. Thank you for getting us this far. We would not be here without you. The future is unclear but what is certain is our community’s resilience, dedication and effervescence. Let’s show our community and the folx cheering us on that this can work. Thank you for going on this journey with me and I hope it can continue with your help.

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