An Unexpected President

Eric Clarke did not plan on running for the leadership council president of Argenta Hall. Clarke was a student at the University of Nevada that was new to the area. Clarke lived in Argenta Hall, one of several different dorms on the campus. One afternoon, he was called into the student conduct advisor’s office for a slap on the wrist. After speaking with her, she decided that he was a responsible, well spoken man and told him to run for the position. “I’m not really sure what I said or did to impress her. She never really said,” Clarke said.

He went into the election not really wanting to be apart of it at all, especially since he did not know anyone. Being from Oregon, he had no friends going into the leadership council. He had a certain appeal to the students and was elected as the president. The students saw that he was friendly and easily likeable.

Over the period of his presidency, he transitioned into a very gung-ho president. Clarke started off not wanting his position, to ending his presidency with having made changes page for page to the Argenta Constitution. He made a conscious decision that the constitution was outdated and spent his free time revolutionizing it. He was under no obligation to do this, but he knew that it was in the best interest of Argenta Hall. Part of his position was knowing the constitution and after reading through it he realized how much he disliked it and how outdated it was. He decided to something about, hence the changes he made.

Deciding to take action, was not the only change Clarke underwent during the presidency. His popularity among the students living in Argenta Hall also changed. The students’ first opinion of him, were that they really liked him; Shown by winning the election. By the end of the term, Clarke was disliked by the students because of how strict he became. Clarke knew that being a good president and being friends with the students living in the dorm did not go hand in hand. He had to pick one or the other. He decided the latter and did his best to change and shape Argenta Hall for the best, even if it meant not being as popular in the eyes of the students. Clarke had never been in a position of leadership before and went with his instincts on this decision.

In the end, Clarke was glad that he ran for president and was proud of the work he accomplished. “I don’t regret running for president and would do it all over again,” Clarke said.