Konga’s numbers — data pornography for Nigerian startups!

ngozi this is gospel.

I totally relate with the reluctance to share numbers for all of the reasons mentioned, but chiefly for the fear of being inaccurately sized up on that same superficial basis, without regard to everything that has been nurtured behind the scenes – much of which does not always translate into an immediate increase in those numbers.

I’ve often been asked ‘how many users’, ‘how many brands’, etc and my response is usually ‘that’s not the right question’, because I don’t believe the response would be an accurate basis for evaluation, at least not at this point.

To be clear, the numbers are not to be ignored – they certainly have their place. But you wouldn’t evaluate an engine on the basis of how many cars it had been sold in, without first understanding the technology in the engine.

Very poignant. Will be sharing this one.

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