lDo you know that every year around the world about 17 million units of special equipment are being sold?

Sales reach the amount of 447 billion U.S. dollars per year. 90% (or 15.5 million units) of this amount account for the technique used, the sales of which amounts to 274 billion U.S. dollars per year.

The vast majority of transactions on purchase of special equipment today requires the involvement of third parties — dealers, agents of the seller and buyer, shopping areas, service centers, etc. This is due to the lack of trust between the seller and the buyer, as well as of confidence in the truthfulness of information about equipment. Intermediaries take over the functions of search of the necessary equipment, check its condition, confirm the declared information, logistics, safe transaction support and others.

The project IronBlock is developed by our company with the aim to create a global decentralized platform, which is designed for transactions and services on the market of special machinery without the involvement of intermediaries. The platform assumes security of the transaction and guarantees the accuracy of the information about the state of the special equipment.

Find out more about our project on the website https://ironblock.io/en/ .

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