Four years ago I was lying in a hospital bed in Anaheim with tubes all over me. Scared, weak, exhausted, seemingly broken. My body was breaking down but it saved me.

Mike Pestano
May 7, 2017 · 1 min read

How? I was a seriously obese and type 2 diabetic until I decided to transform. Internally, there was a lot of damage already happening inside of me especially my liver. I was sick and tired of being fat, sick, and nearly dead. I lost 107 pounds in 16 months, reversed type 2 diabetes, and strengthened my body through exercise.

If I had not done that the near collapse of my liver would have killed me. How did I heal through two hospitalizations fighting a then unknown and supposedly incurable autoimmune condition? It’s all in my series of books with the first one coming out next month on June 8 on Amazon Kindle.

Much love and gratitude to those who helped me on my journey.

Mike Pestano

Written by

Coach, Writer, Published Author, Enlightened Leadership & Business Development, Health Educator and Trainer

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