Hi! For one or our future B2B contracts we have to integrate our Unity game into an iOS native Swift app. We have struggled for many days to achieve it efficiently and without errors.

We want to share our knowledge and process through this simple tutorial.


This tutorial was inspired by other people’s work:


Here’s the link to all the resources: Click here

And the links to specific parts of it:

  • Extra: The folder containing the essential files to follow the tutorial :
    Click here
  • TutorialImages: All the images used in the tutorial : Click here
  • UnityExport: The Unity iOS…

Yo here’s what we did last week:

KERYANN (@KeryannM)

Hey! This week I’ve finished and we published REPULSE… my baby has left its nest, now I can die in peace…

Finally, I’m gonna work on other projects!

NATHAN (@grange_nathan)


This week I Worked on MAZE, on our main web contract and on some other web things.

On MAZE I fixed urgent Syncing bugs and added some new ones. You can now play a full game, with every core elements correctly synced until the end. The full game loop is playable in Multiplayer.

As you can see, we are mainly missing Third Person Animations…

We had a bit of delay in our weeklies, posting them on a sunday to talk about what we did 8 days before was not the best. So we’re back at a normal pace, posting at the beginning of the week about the previous one!

We have been pretty productive during these last weeks:

FENO (@madebyfeno)



I started working on the skill tree with one idea in head: representing the skill tree in 3 dimensions. It creates some issues to represent it in a understandable manner, so I tried to think it to be as accessible as possible. Here’s a concept:

We made some progress on MAZE and REPULSE, and even have a release date for the latter !
More details below:

NATHAN (@grange_nathan)



I worked on MAZE, modified many things to make it easier for us to Playtest locally. I worked on the Drones, they are ready for this prototype. We still need to work on some challenges about making them more optimised in the maze.

I also added the great ending zone that Victor made last month. It really adds to the…

Here’s what we did last week:

NATHAN (@grange_nathan)

Last week I was in Paris to do the presentation I talked about last week. Like I said, it was more a workshop than a presentation. Everything went well, people seem to like our interventions and are asking for more. Mister K. is going to do some other ones next week.

Here is what the room we do our interventions in looks like:

A great, nice place done by a company from Lille (not far from where we are). I totally forgot their name but I’ll share it if I remember in a…

Sometimes, we have perfect weeks: A lot of progress is made, opportunities are everywhere, and it seems we are developing at the speed of light.
Sometimes, we have weeks like this one, where not much happens:




This week was mostly about me preparing a presentation for Robbers with Feno, and that’s all. All my other administrative tasks were basically waiting for people to get back to me, which they didn’t.
Shitty week.


I released another experience, Ashes. I’m liking this one a lot. I did something with saves, palyerprefs and all that shit.

Hey! Last week we released our first game on steam, and went gold (or almost) on others. More about it below, as always:



Over The Moonlight

We finally released Over The Moonlight on Steam! We’ve had pretty positive feedbacks from players so far, except regarding the performance issues, that we knew were going to be a small problem. I think it also happens because by default the launcher sets the highest quality, and not a lower one, so most people will not change it and have issues even though they could have avoided them in lower quality settings.
Anyway, feedbacks are mostly…

Can you guess what this weekly devblog will be about?
If you guessed “what they did last week”, well, you win!
If you guessed anything else, you might have some issues and I’m afraid the only cure for that would be to read the entire devblog, at least twice.
(We have to get our stats up alright?)




Here’s a small article about the few things I care about in game design. Everyone has their own approach and I’m not saying I hold the one & only Truth about it. It’s just mine and I’m sharing it so other can get inspired and confront it with their own way of looking at a creative process.

The best game design advice I ever received, hands down, is:

“Know WHO/WHY you’re making this game for.”

There is no definitive list of answers to this question, but most of the time you’ll find answers like “for you, for X, to achieve…

Once we cross the 52nd weekly devblog I’ll deliberately spin out of control, naming them is definitely my least favorite moment.
Should I go for a clickbaity title? Make a joke and ostensibly make fun of clickbait titles? — but it would stil be clickbait though, so am I part of the group I’m making fun of?
Or maybe settle for just picking some of the things we did this week? But it looks a bit stupid and we’ve been doing that for… 42 devblogs now? Yeah. It’s getting kinda repetitive.
Here’s what all of us did last week:

FENO (@madebyfeno)




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