All that glimmers

The mysteries of tomorrow refuse to unfold today, only a faint glimmer that floats uninhibited in the landscape of everydayness of the present, soon to be abducted by the chasms of the self that creep every night before going to sleep. The hankering for certainty, the assurance for peace, belonging and meaning to be found, conjure up in an ephemeral form, consumed later by the undercurrents of anxiety and possibilities. Yes anxiety, the eternal enemy of being, the ugly shadow of every ambition, and possibilities, the guests determined to stay forever, mutating endlessly till they become unrecognisable. The list that was to be checked off today lies crumpled with the papery mornings that come scribbled with expectations. The day enveloped in the self. The night a prayer for sleep. We still have tomorrow, don’t we?

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