Grief’s Ever Evolving Grip
Jenifer Newburn

This is so far the best rendering that i have ever read, of what all a person goes through due to heartbreak and grief, alone and misunderstood, trying to make sense of reality and one’s own Intensity of emotions while reason speaks otherwise. The last time i felt this sense of closure was after watching "The Darjeeling Ltd." by Wes Anderson, because i felt the three brothers were basically good people, but acting in incomprehensible ways because they were trying in their own way to make sense of loss. Grief does have a riveting effect on one’s emotional sensitivities, because we consider ourselves to be rational mature persons and suddenly we find ourselves confronting a situation that makes us restless, broken, and eternally sad. But grief lessens by channeling the emotional energy and sharing it with others. That’s the purpose of art, to share our sadness. Thank you for pointing out that it never practically goes away, only changes form, because i was beginning to doubt my ability to cope with grief. Thank you :)

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