Disclaimer: This perspective is entirely from a white, cisgender male perspective. Since this is what I was raised as, this is currently where my mind is at. In no way is the focus on my specific understanding of men meant to dismiss other perspectives from non-cis men, men of color, those of gender fluidity, other sexuality, transgendered, marginalized people or anyone who I am still gaining an understanding of in their own feelings and struggles.

I am still learning, I am still evolving, and I wish you to know that even if I unintentionally gloss over a perspective, or miss…

Sarahah is a thing.


I. Fucking. Hate. This. Idea.

I’ve been in therapy for over 10 years. I see a l licensed counselling psychologist on a weekly basis. At first the relationship I had with my doctor started as way to help my former SO overcome the challenged of living with adult ADHD. Therapy was essentially life-coaching at that time and a means of relationship help. As it went on, personal and collective growth, reflection, mindfulness, the active combating of mental illness and the proper treatment based on clinical diagnosis formed the basis of visits.

When my relationship ended…

My mom used to work at a Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. I went to work with my parents often, to the hospital with my mom and the hair salon which my dad owned. The hospital especially became sort of a second home for me. My mothers coworkers, friends, and even bosses became family friends who are still part of my extended family today. Honestly, do to my mother’s boss, Dr. Pearey Ogra, who helped me through college and early young adulthood, I would not be where I am today.

At the hospital I knew so many wonderful people from administrators…

Michael Maurino

Senior Concept Birb at Wavedash Games Shameless SJW and armorer of ladies.

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