ISIS under attack

As you read this, an unusual coalition of forces are striking ISIS. Kurds (YPG), Arabs (Free Syrian Army) and US Special Forces with assistance from Kurdish Iraq conquer villages leading to Raqqa from the north.

The Syrian government with air support from Russia and Hezbollah ground-forces approach Raqqa from the south.

In the meantime, the Iraqi Government supported by the US are reported to have taken the southern outskirts of Fallujah, whilst the Iran-backed Shia forces encircle the city.

The leader of the Shia forces is reported to be the right hand man to ‘the most notorious Iranian military commander in the Middle East’…

ISIS, in the meantime, is widely reported to be rounding up and executing fighters in its own ranks, as they struggle to identify internal moles following precision attacks on high ranking ISIS commanders.

In an ironic twist, Turkey is bombing the Kurdish YPG in Kobane, whilst the FSA have gained ground from the Syrian Government Forces.

To summarise, this week the Iranians, the Americans, the Russians, the Kurdish, both sides of the Syrian civil war, the Shia and the Sunnis in Iraq — all are coordinating against ISIS.

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