A Fire Ceremony Taught Me the Power of Rituals

Crystals, a roaring fire, tuning forks, old beliefs and new hope scribbled on paper. It’s the first full moon of 2017 and along with me a group of fellow spiritual souls all gathered around a fire pit for this annual ceremony. I had done this ritual before to some very tangible results.

You see the fire ceremony has many parts that make this a powerful ritual and there is meaning why it has lived on for so many years. What I learned when I first participated in one of these full moon ceremonies I carried into each upcoming month and repeated, reaffirmed and refocused my intentions. In fact I would mark my calendar and not make outside plans those nights because I grew to treasure this ritual so much.

They Real Key of Why Rituals Work

The simple truth is rituals have a powerful impact on our mind, even our lives, but why? They gently yet effectively force us into a state of mindfulness and this is so powerful because mindfulness can change your entire life. Each step of a ritual centers our focus on why that step is being done. We isolate our thought and energy to that step, how ever it is symbolized. Had I not carried over what I learned during the fire ceremony into each month of the year with a mini ceremony it would not have had such a positive impact. But why? Simply because my mindfulness of that night would likely been long gone, or at least greatly diminished. Within weeks I began to notice more clients were effortlessly coming into my life, more inspiring ideas, more like-minded people and increasing health. My life literally was rebalancing itself and all areas were improving even though I already had what I thought was a pretty good life. There is joy to be had beyond our wildest dreams if we only allow it in.

Look at some religious rituals as an example:

  • In Judaism the Passover seder plate has symbolic foods that represent the many ways Jews were suffering servitude. As the plate is assembled each item specifically reminds the past and from there to experience gratitude of freedoms now enjoyed. It’s a beautiful annual celebration.
  • Lent is a 40 day annual spring ritual where a faithful Catholic person choses to live more simply or give up a single element in their life to mindfully honor Jesus, repent, examine and reflect on one’s life and faith. I know many people who do 40 days practices for this reason any time of the year.
  • Muslims are required to fast during the month of Ramadan every year. In this practice fasting is defined as refraining from having all kinds of food, drink and sexual intercourse from dawn to sunset. This shows cleansing of oneself and complete devotion to God.

Washing Away Your Troubles

Historically bathing before a ceremony is a key part of the ritual process-or a process within itself. We even see this play out in Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale before The Commander commences with reading the biblical passage then moves to impregnate Offred. Submerging in water is the defining act in baptisms. Crystals can be cleared with moving water (some crystals are water soluable so check before you try it). Water washes over us purifying as it moves off our body. The water takes away that which is unclean or unwanted. I have an oracle card that when drawn, encourages a bit of sea salt in a bath (you can add a little essential oil but nothing else) to change a person’s negative or unbalanced energy. I tried it and it works. I now do that regularly too. Adding the sea salt and why I add it is at the forefront of my mind and I treat that bath with more respect than I would a regular shower or post workout soak

The Power of the Fork

This year at the ceremony I was introduced to the tuning fork. For me, a real game changer. I am a professional intuitive and have some high vibration crystals I use when I read for myself and others. I had these two particular stones with me at the ceremony. Our ceremony leader was cleansing and placing intentions on our ceremonial crystal grid with this tool. As I held both of my stones each in one hand, she activated the tuning fork and the vibration instantly went to my stones and I felt it through my whole body within seconds. Had I not experienced it myself I may not have believed it but the rush to the top of my head was undeniable. This vibration was balancing my body as well as the energy of the room, the stones and the others around me. Naturally I bought one soon after. It’s much neater and more efficient at space clearing than burning sage. You can even use it just to clear a room quickly before a family dinner or after people have left your home. It instantly shifts the energy to a positive balanced vibration.

Harnessing the Power of the Elements in Rituals

Air, fire, earth and water are all key elements that work in harmony and need to be used together during the fire ceremony. I have a fireplace in my home and use it as my altar. It’s a modest but effective little area that focuses my mind.

  • Fire is an easy focus, if not hypnotic. We take a few moments to feed it and make it friendly to receive our old beliefs and welcome in our new intentions. I don’t make a big wood fire for this but it’s certainly beneficial to do so. Give it a little sweetgrass, flower petals or sage before you put your intentions in or release what is no longer serving you.
  • Water not only puts out the fire but can be used to later put intentions in a stream, lake or ocean to carry out new desires out to the universe for manifesting. I keep a glass dish of water on my mantle all the time now. My cat likes to drink this holy water so I have to top it off regularly.
  • Air is how the flames release our old beliefs and what no longer serves us as the fire transforms the intentions on paper in our material world to pure energy.
  • Crystals, carefully chosen in a mindful process to understand how their energy supercharges our intentions. They are the earth element. They ground us and this is very much needed with the movement of air, power of heat and fire along with the emotion of water. The black stones are helpful with this such as tourmaline and onyx.

Just before the next full moon take some time to consider what is no longer serving you and what you want to bring into your life as you release. By taking pencil to paper and WRITING out what you want to release from your life and what you want to attract to your life you are focusing attention to it. Don’t type it on a computer. Write it on paper, one sheet for each releasing and attracting. Really look at it, feel it and get ready to change it. Place it in the fire to set the transformation in motion. Rituals work.