15 Effective Ways to Increase Web Conversions

Informative, to the point content — Targeted, informative content can take you organic results a long way, more than you have ever imagined.

Pro Tip: Google is now putting more emphasis on user-centric content, and it is evident in its latest search algorithm update.

2. Content readability — Reading without facing difficulty increases the retention rate of your clients that direct reflect positive results on your lead generation.

3. No pop-ups — Pop-ups usually irritate online visitors, so much so, almost 47% prefer to immediately scroll away from your page.

4. Intuitive navigation — Similar to readability, if your website features navigation menu that makes it easy for visitors to find pages they are looking for, decreases your bounce rate.

5. Creative website designs — as much liked by the naked human eye, an intuitive design also help your website in getting higher ranks on search engines.

6. Persuading Call-to-actions (CTAs) — Provide your online visitor an incentive to take the action you desire, through targeted and focus-building CTAs.

7. Keep updating content — Update your web-content on defined intervals to ace the game of organic rankings and search engine results on Google.

8. Target rich industry keywords — Keyword-rich web content makes it easier for search engine crawlers to judge your industry and type of service you offer and display it against relevant keywords searched by online users.

9. Build on user experience — don’t just educate your visitors but provide them an incentive to enjoy their stay on your web page through intuitive user experiences (UX).

10. Reduced page load time — at all costs, keep your web load time lower than 7 seconds.

11. Responsive web design — make use of responsive web design techniques that allow your website to adjust its size according to the screen size of the display device.

12. Cross browser compatibility — make your website smart enough to work on any and every browser available.

13. No broken links — Don’t forget to check for any broken link on your web ages and rectify them if the need arise.

14. Properly laid out Site map — A properly laid out site map helps the search engine to efficiently link to and rank your website pages.

15. Paid advertising — Make use of paid advertising and social forums and reach out to a wider segment of your online target market.

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