5 tips to build successful mobile apps

According to the study carried out by Branex, a leading mobile application development agency in Toronto, owners of the mobile devices spend about spends about 2 hours and 19 minutes interacting with mobile applications. However, an average person spends about only 22 minutes per day on the mobile web. This is a good news for companies like Face Book, Twitter, Snapchat and Whatsapp and to any other mobile application companies, however, this can come as a bad news for startups, individuals and small enterprises who are trying to build a loyal customer base. Figures also suggest that market places like App store and Google Play Store have millions of users on them and to taste success, any mobile application development company would want to get their app published and featured there for increased visibility, however there are certain tips that you need to keep in mind as you embark on an app development journey. Let’s see what the tips are:


A successful mobile application is a winning mix of both aesthetic design and functionality. This also means that your mobile app should perform seamlessly. In many cases functionality problems come from the poor choices of development platforms made at the development stage. A mobile app developer must only use the most relevant platform specific coding language that allows the app to remain light weighted and be able to perform at peak.


There is absolutely no point in creating a mobile app that holds less or no importance to the end user. Any prospect app owner should start by studying and researching the mobile app ecosystem carefully, including the types of apps that are already available and more importantly their customer feedback. Their lacking makes your USPs. Work on them.

App design

Design be in mobile apps or in website can make one big difference that is sufficient enough to either make or break the app or website’s fortune. The design aspect of an app not only shapes up the app’s approach to attract customers but also makes it easy for customers to do their desired action on the app. Imagine going through a jigsaw puzzle where you cannot even figure out where to start from

User friendliness

User friendly apps are welcomed with much pleasure than those who lack it. User friendliness is one important element that carves a loyal user experience for your customers. All the app owners must consider offering a pleasant user experience to the customers as a creative and loyal user experience can take the popularity of your app to miles ahead than you have imagined.

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