Tips for more usable eCommerce website development

Talk of competition and I believe ecommerce industry is the most competitive, as for your customer, your competitor is only a click away and that he can deviate your customer’s attention with a mere jingle too. Talk of e commerce website development and you will realize that if your customer doesn’t like what he sees, chances are very bright that he is going to sway to your competitors website in the very next moment. Therefore, if you want to gain momentum in terms of online sales then a professional suggestion for you is to get ecommerce website development that makes your website as user friendly as possible.

Usability of an ecommerce website means your buying process is streamlined and is quick and easy. Here are some tips that will help you in getting a more usable ecommerce website development for your website.

CTA and sign-up buttons

You must avoid long sign-up forms that takes a few pages of information before actually signing up the user with your website. As an ecommerce website you are not required to know what kind of work they do, or their marital status etc. Just a phone number, address and email id would serve the right purpose. That being said, you must also never underestimate the power of CTA buttons. CTA buttons help in improving the usability of the ecommerce website by folds. Make your CTA buttons stand out to ace the lead generation game for your ecommerce website design.

Buying without registering

One thing online shoppers hate is the long and tedious registration forms they have to fill prior doing the shopping. What if you go about allowing guest users to checkout products without the need to register, then ask them afterwards if they want to sign up, to make the next purchase on your site easier? This kind of method is known to increase sales, improve customer retention, and reduce cart abandonment.

Inculcate search function

Search functionality help your customers in finding what they are looking for. This goes especially to ecommerce websites that are dealing in more than one category of products. Search functionality in an ecommerce website not only eases the buying process but also makes the searching of the desired product for the customer very convenient too, thus creating a satisfying online shopping experience.

Breadcrumb navigation

One method of creating a fulfilling online shopping experience for the customer is to keep him informed about where his standing on the website is and how many more steps are there till the order confirmation. Breadcrumb navigation keeps the customer informed and without their availability, customers can likely get bored with the simultaneous steps of online buying.

Shopping cart

No e-commerce website is complete without proper content management and personal detail security. Shoppers should feel confident in buying products at your ecommerce site, so you need to assure them that your site is a reputable site that has features to protect the privacy of your customers. Get a trust certificate like Hacker Safe or VeriSign and an updated SSL certificate to build up customer trust and offer better shopping security.

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