Thermocol Sheet Manufacturing Company in Uttaranchal

Uttaranchal is a renowned place in India, known for its beauty and weather, but also becoming the most lovable place to set up industries. 
Yes, you heard right. Uttaranchal has many thermocol manufacturing company that fulfills the basic requirements of the people. As we know thermocol has become the prominent material to use in daily life and play major role in protecting the sensitive material from being damage.

Thermocol Products to use:

• Thermocol shape mouldings
• Thermocol blocks
• Thermocol box
• Thermocol pipe section
• Thermocol sheets

Applications of Thermocol (also known as EPS)

• Packaging white goods
• Used in packaging agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, etc.
• Since it is tasteless, odorless, and fungi-resistant, it is used in pharmaceutical
• Also used in marine and fisheries sector
• Play prominent role as an internal component among AC and Refrigerator
• Also used in construction sector because of its sound absorption properties

Now it is quite understandable that thermocol could be the most essential products for an individual. It is being used on large scale in India because of its amazing features: flexibility, light weight, CFC free, Non-toxic and hygienic.

Irvine polymer is thermocol sheets manufacturers in Uttaranchal and apart from sheets, it is eminent for carving out the superior quality of raw material to produce the best quality of thermocol made products. In addition, also known for using high technology machines and advanced techniques for the manufacturing products.

It comprises of well-trained and highly skilled experts that check out each and every thermocol products before delivering to the customers. So rest assured you will get the best and CFC free products from Irvine polymer.

If you are seeking any kind of materials or wish to manufacture some different kinds of materials, you can give a quote to us by visiting the website (

If you want to talk or discuss with Irvine polymer, then dial the mobile number +91–9990369666, +91–9897563911, or email us at

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