Emotional Thinking

As a man approaching 40 I was disappointed with myself as I had not known how much emotional thinking affected people. Actually I had no idea people did it. I thought everyone came to opinions through mostly logic, like me. I am not a super hero or better than everyone, I have a mental illness that does not allow me to rely on my emotions at all. I have to think about everything I feel and believe. It is exhausting. So when I hear people around me come to conclusions I cannot fathom, well it greatly upset me in ways I don’t think people know. I simply couldn’t understand why people would say or believe in somethings without back up evidence. I could not work out why you would entertain a world view that wasn’t evidence based. I am not picking on religion here, I realise this may look as though it is going that way, I mean everything. I get things wrong, my way of working is tiring and quite often unfulfilling as there is not enough information about to come to a conclusion, this leaves me anxious. I cannot just accept things as they are that affect my life unless I know all about them. I am a broken robot gathering world data so I can make sense of it. I the data is incomplete I get stuck in a loop cycle. It is all I know. Emotional thinking is new to me, I am trying to work out what it is. It does explain a lot of things in my past. It was only 5 years ago that I worked out people get angry at things but not necessarily what they say they are angry about, it is about something bigger that happened before. I know, seriously, that is how much I emote differently. I found this useful.


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