On Breastfeeding — My Body, My Choice
Mirah Curzer

Seriously? I might sound a bit down the level cuz I ain’t the type of guy who would use such “eloquent” words to talk about a ordinary matter -rather frivolous to be more honest-.. I don’t freakin know what u r trying to say or argue about!

This whole article is based on half-assed judgemental subjective opinions coming from someone who’s nothing to do but talk shite! If women do not want to breastfeed in public they shall not, whether the woman ashamed or not, that’s probably something to do with her personality or mentality “oh no they’re gonna stare at my titties while I’m breastfeeding my child” seriously?!

Just grow up, cut the shite and talk about something productive instead of this aimless topic full of crap!

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