#AllMyTraitors Episode 2: Lock Him Up.

Hey #AllIns! It’s been a while since “All My Traitors” showrunner Robert Mueller dropped a whole-new episode, but wow is “Lock Him Up” worth the wait. Missed the first one? Catch up here. Otherwise, let’s get recapping.

Looks like the teaser was right, ep 2 stars Michael Flynn and takes place over more than a year. You know, that nearly-in-the-main-friends-group character Flynn, the former U.S. general who led the chant of “Lock her up” about Hillary Clinton at the RNC before the election? Flashback time!

Overconfident Flynn oozes shady character. Here comes his backstory montage: paid gig with Russian TV; sitting with Putin at a fancy dinner; and then there was that whole being discharged for improperly sharing classified info with foreign military. So naturally he got the job as National Security Advisor in the Trump Regime.


Like I said. SHADY. Now Trump, the over-the-top wannabe despot with the terrible hair-scape (helloooo, paging hair and makeup) seemed to really like this guy. I mean really, really like this guy. He liked this guy so much, when the news broke publicly that Flynn had lied about his Russian contacts, forcing Flynn, a mere speedy eighteen days later, to be resign-fired, Trump himself took the issue in hand.

And you know how that character always manages to make everything worse, but in a criminal way. What a bumbler! But in a criminal way. To fix things, he contacted the then-head of the FBI, James Comey, and said, according to Comey’s testimony before Congress (everyone loves a courtroom scene!):

“[Trump] then said, ‘I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

Oh Lordy did they get it right when they cast this guy, James Comey. The kind of handsome where you’d forget his face five minutes later, he’s so clean you just know his skin squeaks when you walk past. Not exactly the type to “let it go.”

And that’s where the episode gets good. Because he did not.

Then Comey got fired-fired, not even resign-fired, which he learned about while in LA. FROM THE TV.

Colder than a Bravo Housewife’s icy stare when she thinks she’s being robbed of camera time, my fellow AllIns. Immediately the background chatter was that Trump fired Comey to stop the investigation, which even the most casual legal procedural viewer knows is a no-no. Obstruction of justice, anyone?

But of course Trump being Trump, he put an end to the speculation immediately, telling Lester Holt that “this Russia thing” was on his mind when he apprentified Comey.

Oopsie daisy.

Cut to present day. Flynn was supposed to testify before Mueller’s grand jury this past week. But he didn’t. Holy betrayal, this “good guy” Trump allegedly asked Comey to leave alone, who probably knows pretty much everything, wanted to cut a deal!

And in the last two minutes of the episode, he did, pleading guilty to the charge of lying to the FBI, perp walk and all. Whew, what a ride.

So now it’s “Lock him up,” (hypocrite alert!!) but not until he spills all his secrets. I’m telling you, AllIns, I’m totally addicted.

Moral of the episode: if there’s one lesson to be learned from “All My Traitors,” it’s that loyalty isn’t their bag.

“All My Traitors” airs everywhere at a schedule determined by Robert Mueller.

Writer of humorous science fiction, preventer of doomsday at the hands of Aunty Ida, and cozy mystery author. Check out my books: http://goo.gl/mGO2Gp

Writer of humorous science fiction, preventer of doomsday at the hands of Aunty Ida, and cozy mystery author. Check out my books: http://goo.gl/mGO2Gp