#AllMyTraitors Episode One: Indictment Day

Isa-Lee Wolf
Nov 5, 2017 · 2 min read
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Hit new show “All My Traitors” premiered to some pretty heavy buzz recently. Kept under wraps by tight-lipped showrunner Robert Mueller, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the pilot ep shocked viewers worldwide.

“All My Traitors” also boasts a bold new show element. We don’t know when episodes will air, keeping us “AllIns” clamoring for more, more more.

Anyway, after a viral marketing boost on Friday, October 27 teasing the pilot’s premiere three days later — and making for a giddy weekend — we finally got episode one, “Indictment Day.” And it. Was. Glorious.

Now granted, even with the closed set of “All My Traitors,” fan theories abound, and most guessed that Paul Manafort would appear in “Indictment Day.” After all, we know his backstory: shady dealings in Ukraine and Russia; an oddly convenient condo in Trump Tower; a shadowy relationship with the Trump campaign where he was both important advisor and a nobody. His partner, Richard “Rick” Gates, a name most hadn’t heard, also got snagged on “Indictment Day.”

But then came the surprise twist.

I love a show that keeps me on my toes, and there’s no question that Mueller’s “All My Traitors” will require pointe shoes. Just when we thought “Indictment Day” was over, and spoiler alert! presumptive villain (we’ve only had one ep so far but it seems kind of obvious) Donald Trump, in a meta turn, started his Twitter gloat about how weak “Indictment Day was, we had a unexpected guest star.

George Papadopoulos, a member of the Trump campaign’s foreign policy team. Was it something or was it something, fellow AllIns? He not only joined the Indictees, the fan nickname for the Trump people in hot water, he pleaded guilty to charges of lying to the FBI about meetings with Russian nationals.

Ruh roh.

Trump’s reduced him to a “coffee boy,” but fans think he’s cooperated with the feds, perhaps for months. Papadopoulos, virtually unknown before “All My Traitors,” may break out as a star.

Especially when the trials start.

“All My Traitors” is a must-watch. Mueller keeps viewers interested with teasers here and there, and just dropped some scenes from next week: Looks like episode two will be all about former general and 24-day Trump Regime member Michael T. Flynn.

Can’t wait! Until next time, AllIns!

“All My Traitors” airs everywhere at a schedule determined by Robert Mueller.

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