Heading into the abyss, the perfect way to address Donald Trump

By Work Projects Administration Poster Collection [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is a usurper. Great word, seldom used, but sometimes the English language offers just the right word for the gig.


I have another perfect set of English words to address him, but we’ll get to that in a second. Meanwhile, he is not President Barack Obama’s rightful successor. As Rep. John Lewis — who has seen much more about Trump’s path to “victory” than we have — said so artfully, Trump is illegitimate.

He has taken the place of the person who won the election, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As is the habit of usurpers.

I can give you the laundry list of why he’s illegitimate: Gerrymandering that diluted Democratic voting districts while strengthening and multiplying Republican ones; active voter suppression at the polls; Crosscheck, which purged millions of voters, more than 589,000 in North Carolina alone, as reported by Greg Palast; Russian interference; the endless politically-motivated hearings about Sec. Clinton while Republicans blocked hearings about that Russian interference, in essence abusing their positions to campaign for Trump from the floor; and, of course, FBI Director James Comey’s last-minute letter that will live in infamy, along with his firm denials of any investigation into Trump’s Russian ties.

Even with all of that, Sec. Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million, which happens to be the exact number of votes Trump claimed were cast illegally. What a coincidence.

Yet despite all of the above, despite the troubling and obvious signs that Trump gets his marching orders from the Kremlin, onward we march, regardless, toward giving the usurper all the power he usurped.


Because Trump is illegitimate, I will never use the title of “President” to describe him. He isn’t. He hasn’t earned it. He’s the usurper.

But remember what I said above? I have the perfect name for him? Try this on for size: Public Servant Trump (#PublicServantTrump). If he’s going to steal the power of the office, let’s remind him, every single day, of the responsibilities.

It seems the Republican party as a whole has forgotten that’s why they’re there in government, in Congress. So let’s remind them too. Like Public Servant Ryan. Public Servant McConnell (#PublicServant).

They are public servants. Not kings who snatched the crown after a bloody battle. Not the rulers of their little fiefdoms. They are bureaucrats whose job is to serve the public.

Public servants. Public servant bureaucrats. They are there to do the People’s business. Not their own. Not the Koch’s. Not Vladimir Putin’s.

The People’s. Psst. We’re the People.

So they are really, really, really bad at their jobs. Let’s tell them they’re there to serve the American people, not themselves. To serve their constituents, not the donors who can donate their way into a Cabinet position no matter how laughably unqualified (Betsy DeVos, that one’s for you).

We don’t serve them. They serve us. Now let’s make sure Public Servant Trump and the gang know it.