Impeachment Vote: The sky isn’t orange

Isa-Lee Wolf
Dec 18, 2019 · 2 min read
Reflection of Capitol Building against a blue reflected sky.
Reflection of Capitol Building against a blue reflected sky.
Photo by Kendall Hoopes from Pexels

Heart pounding. Fists clenched. Jaw tight. Where’s the mute button? Give me the mute button. No more. I cannot take any more of this nonsense that reality itself is flexible.

I am, of course, talking about the impeachment vote. And more specifically, the Republican distortion of the facts revealed during the impeachment inquiry, as well as the very process itself.

Everything they’ve said is objectively refutable. There is direct evidence, evidence that would be sufficient in a court of law to prove the case. And yet they tell us it isn’t so.

We can see the sky. We know its color and direction. Still every Republican passionately tells us that not only is the sky orange and down, it’s a moral failing of our own not to see that.

So what happens? Do we start to see the sky orange and down?

I bet George Orwell would know the answer to that question.

I will say this as a person who has loved the Constitution since I learned about the power of the Constitution as a kid: what is happening now isn’t and should not be partisan. This isn’t a matter of interpretation or nuance.

It’s a matter of cold, hard reality.

This post is not political. It is merely an appeal to remember the sky is up and it is blue.

The sky is up and it is blue.

Believe in reality. Trust reality. See reality.

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