Accelerated Learning

Our society evolves faster than ever before. Tomorrow is just a past memory. What today is trending and top-notch tomorrow is obsolete. Since fluid change is the norm and not the exception, to stay updated, we must re-adjust our daily rhythms in an intend to follow our society’s. That’s hard. Very hard. But it is our duty if we decide to do so. As a consequence, accelerated learning has gained importance and could be a useful tool in our tool belt.

If that’s true, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of accelerated learning. I’ve putted all the information in a handy, super visual infographic below. We can discuss why those distinctions are important as we advance on the subject. But the point here is to remember to apply, at least, one of the following principles into your personal learning system. That will mean, luckily, a qualitative improvement for you. But for now, in order to please the desire and accounting our time constraints let’s take a look to this infographic for better visual understanding (humans tend to greatly remember what has been seen than anything else). Without further ado:

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