How to Participate in PUREAir Coin (AiRC) pre-Sale using MyEtherWallet

PUREAir Coin pre-Sale starts Friday 27th November at 06:00 UTC time.

Following are some instructions on how to do it.

1. Go with your browser to

This is what you should be seeing when the page is loaded. Check you wrote exactly that url address and it’s https secured!

2. Enter a password into the password field and then click the Generate New Wallet button.

Now, you’ve created your very own wallet and you should here:

3. Click on the Download Keystore File button.

4. Save the downloaded file in a safe place.

A file named “UTC — ”the date of creation and a bunch of numbers prompts to be saved.

Do it!

And please, just follow the instructions on the page.

5. Now, click on the button titled ‘I understand. Continue.’

That will now display a very long string with numbers and characters in it. That’s your private key, and what you use to access your wallet.

It’s like the code you use to unlock your phone — but longer.

6. Click the Print Paper Wallet button and then print the document that is generated.

7. Save the private key that’s shown directly under the label Private Key in a safe place. Now, be careful where you store the code unlocking your wallet…you certainly would not give your phone and code away to someone in the street. It’s the same here, don’t give your code away to anyone, and you will not lose your wallet :)

Also, keep the code close — as you might need it in any moment

8. Click the button titled Save your Address.

9. Click on the private key option.

Pointed with a cool orange arrow

10. Type in (or copy and paste) your private key that was generated in steps 6 and 7.

11. Scroll down, find the value under Account Address, and save it somewhere convenient (it’s also written on your paper wallet). This address is safe to give to others since they can’t access your wallet with it only (they would need the private key that you saved earlier).

This address is like your bank account number and sort code, but no one can charge you without your consent :)

12. Scroll down to the button called Buy ETH with USD and click on it.

(Coinbase is basically a token exchange — same you do on forex trading but for cryptocurrencies instead of fiat)

13. Use the Coinbase Buy Widget to purchase ETH.

14. Scroll up and click on Send Ether & Tokens:

Or type in your url address

15. Now, it will ask again for your private key in order to send Ether. Type it in or copy it in the textfield.

During the pre-sale (while our contracts are being verified by external companies to be safe) →

16. Type in the PUREAirCoinPreSale Address into the To Address, set the gas limit (better if it’s over 50,000):


By doing so you’re agreeing with our SAFT document that can be seen here.

17. Specify an amount of ETH to send in the Amount to Send field and then click Generate Transaction.

18. Click on Generate Transaction.

19. That’s it! PUREAir Coins (ticker: AiRC) will be sent to your shortly after the token sale has ended — if the sale hadn’t already ended or your transaction didn’t go through — and you will then see an amount of PUREAir Coins show up in your MyEtherWallet account.

Also, join the ICO channel in telegram or follow us in facebook, twitter or reddit. Any announcements will be done there.

ICO telegram:

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